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Repair guides and support for the line of photo inkjet printers by HP.

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Repetitive "Paper Jam" Problem on HP Photosmart 7520 Printer

After removing a whole sheet of paper multiple times when receiving "paper jam" message on the printer screen of the HP Photosmart 7520 All in one Printer, Scanner, Copier, the message on the printer continues the same. Alignment was tried three times successfully, but later refused to perform alignment. The printer is allowed to rest for long periods, but when turned on, the "paper jam" message appears on the screen again, even though there is no paper to remove from the front or back. Please give us some idea of what can be done to correct this problem. Thanks for your help.

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Make sure the paper in the tray is not binding in the tray, the rails are adjusted so that the paper does not bow or catch on the rails. Use a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol, clean the paper pickup rollers and paper path rollers. Check to see if the sensor flags move freely, always remove paper in the direction of print to avoid breaking the flags. Check the paper to make sure the paper size matches the size set for the print job. If the printer supports it, make sure paper type is correct (plain, bond, photo paper). Last, before putting paper in paper tray, fan it to make sure the edges aren't sticking together and causing multiple page feeds.

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Thanks for offering these ideas about the paper, paper path, and cleaning with alcohol. My husband had already cleaned the area, but I gave it a second attempt. The error message refers to a "carriage jam, " saying the carriage cannot move because of a "paper jam." However, after removing the first few sheets of paper last week, the printer is not feeding any paper at all. The "jam" message continues, even though there is no paper feeding through the printer. We have looked for "foreign objects," cleaned areas of dust, etc., but nothing has helped so far. The carriage goes to the middle, abruptly stopping, when the error message repeatedly pops up. The carriage can be moved easily by hand to check for sheets of pieces of paper, but there is no paper.

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I also face jam-paper problems with my Officejet C4200 HP printer, that have been successfully using for 10+ years. Suddenly however last week it has the specific problem : inserting the pack of paper (blowed and in half height) the noise of the rollers is heard, a paper is grabbed and forwarded partly, then stopped, the signal "paper jam" shows and i tap "OK" to free the printing path, it completes the exit of paper and then putting a new paper the series repetite exactly as above, without finally been able to print anything. Since the height of front view of the rollers is very low - trying to clean them with a cloth and alcohol, how can i else way have some better access to them ? Can i un-screw some part of cover of the body of printer to get better access to those cylindrical rollers ?


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If your printer isn't printing and you're experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, this document may help:

The drive rollers spin, but they don't pull up paper.

The printer makes a lot of grinding sounds.

The lights on the printer are flickering.

The carriage, which holds the ink cartridges, stalls on the printer's left side. It's possible that a paper jam occurred previously.

The problem could be caused by the printer's clutch actuator becoming disengaged. To re-engage the clutch actuator, follow the steps under "Re-engaging the clutch actuator."

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