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Repair guides and support for self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooters, sometimes incorrectly called hoverboards. These boards are manufactured by many companies under many different names, but are virtually identical in construction.

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Why is my self balancing board not charging

I have had my board on the charger for couple days now when I have it on the charger it turns orange but other than that doesn't turn on without charger.

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What model is your board? What occurred before this? How long have you owned it? Any issues before this? Are you using the right charger?


i dont know the model the brand was uber round I have had it since December, 2015, and see well i broke the original charger last year this year i had ordered one off amazon and it turned on but only with a charger and just the orange light i have tried a reseting it but ididnt do anything different and thee can be a wrong charger? it fights in the charging spot and everything.


Cami Vandenbloomer uber round or Uberboard?


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Camilyn VanDenBloomer, If this problem has just started since getting the new charger and you have a hard time plugging it into your balancing board, the charger could be wrong/defective. If possible try a different compatible charger. Check the charge port for any damage pin/pins, dust debri(pick/blow/clean out), test charger and battery with DVOM to see if charger and if battery does hold a charge(replace battery if not holding charge). Disassemble the board and check for ant loose/damaged/burnt wires/connections / components. The links below may be of some help. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Swagway Teardown

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Camilyn VanDenBloomer "i had ordered one off amazon and it turned on but only with a charger and just the orange light" it is possible that this is caused by a charger with the wrong specs. You do need to tell us what Voltage/Amperage the old charger had compared to the one you purchased. The other possibility is that the battery no longer holds a charge. For that you would have to consider replacing the battery.

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