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Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) is an Android smartphone manufactured by ASUS released March 2015.

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The sim card slots are not recognizing sim card

Neither sim card slot is recognizing a sim card when inserted. Can this be replaced? Or are there other suggestions?

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sim card slots...meaning more then one. I have this the Zenfone 2 laser, it has 2 sim slots, but only 1 sim will work. When I put the second sim into the phone, one sim will work for a couple of mins or 1 call, or text, then neither of them work. I can you 1 sim in either of the sim slots and they work fine. Even from 2 different networks but once I add the second sim nothing works, no data, no cell, no text. sometimes it will show the sims are not detected, sometime is shows detected but no service...cannot get both working at the same time.

I have reflashed with the most current OS after contacting Azus to find out with image. Still the same issue.

Please help.


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