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Why is the LCD screen replacement not working?

I replaced the LCD screen yesterday on my phone because it went black a while ago, but still works(lights up, still get notifications and sound). Went through and replaced it myself using the same video on this website and nothing has changed. Everything is put back together and looks fine. Not sure what happened or how to fix the screen without wasting more money to have someone else fix it.

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Explain more please, is there any picture or is it just the back light that lights up? Are there any cracks or flaws on the screen? Are the connections clean and fully hooked up?


no picture. buttons on bottom still light up when i press the home button. My phone kept blacking out every once in a while and then this last time the picture never came back. Before and now after the replacement there are no crack or flaws in the screen. It was perfectly fine until just over a week ago. Every connection mentioned in the replacement video is connected as far as i can tell. Lost like 2 screws (motherboard is secured with a screw)but not thinking that would make a difference.


If there's no flaws or connection issues one thing I've learned is that it doesn't hurt to take a pink eraser and gently clean the lcd cable where it connects to the motherboard. LED is just a type of LCD the guy at Verizon meant the same thing. I would check and see if there is any warranty or return policy on your LCD kit so you can hopefully get a new one for no extra cost but obviously extra time. :/


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Hi Carly, Sorry for this incident that happened to hopefully you will get this back very soon.

Let me ask you this what made think the problem was the LCD default?

Try this: Remove the battery ( if it is removable) press

Up volume button + Power button + Home button at the same time, for 10 seconds

then put it back (the battery) and see what comes up. If nothing happens do it with the battery inside.

hope that would help.

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went to verizon and they automatically said (or what i thought they said) was the led in the screen was broken, but the LCD kit was the only thing i found to purchase to attempt the fix. Do i need to use something else?

tried your button thing and nothing happened


display, digitizer, and pen sensor replaced


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