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Launched in spring of 2014, the OnePlus One packs a 5.5" display and runs the Android-based CyanogenMod 12S operating system. Model "ONE A0001."

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Where to find Genuine Battery Replacement?

Hi guys!

Oneplus seems to refuse to sell spare parts, including batteries, trying to get the phone shipped to factory also for a simple battery replacement on an old out of warranty device.

This is obviously anti-economic (shipping+replacement will cost a lot more then the device value).. so I ask to the community:

There's a known store that sell 100% genuine oneplus one BLP571 battery (or, obviously, a way to get it from oneplus)? Lot of seller on aliex and bay sell "genuine batteries" but they are all fakes.. I want to avoid a fake battery (and potentially dangerous), with lower capacity and shorter life..

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Bought one from eBay and I'm pretty sure it was genuine because the client I replaced the battery for had no issues for it.

Usually what happens in some cases is that the less popular brands have a significantly lower chance of having aftermarket bad quality parts in the market.

I've seen this is the case for Huawei / Nokia and One Plus One.

How do you know they are all fakes? Have you actually tried one?

I've only had issues with refurbished / aftermarket batteries from Apple and Samsung phones.

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Hi, thanks for reply.

Can you point me to the seller you bought the battery?

Two friends bought OPO batteries from aliex and ebay, but each battery after few months of usage drops the risk duration (and one of these stop charge at 95%).

For me it's the first battery change (my battery last at least near one entire day) after 3yrs of usage, where I never turned off my phone.. So the oem battery is so good, I think.


dear friends. few months bak i bought so called genuine battery from ebay for one plus one. but its standby time was very less and within 6 to 8 hours of moderate use the battery drops to almost zero. then few days back i bought another from one plus one service station for rs 1500 in ludhiana. it is definitely much better and lasts a day. my advice is to get it from authorized service center .


This is because I never go for items marked as genuine on the item name unless I need to, that's how I avoid bad aftermarkets or fakes.


I've bought batteries advertised as "genuine" for both the Oneplus one and Oneplus two. I had extremely bad luck with both. The big hint is that these replacement batteries were thinner than than the originals and weighed about 25% less! Also, the QR codes on the battery are not clear enough to be read!


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