Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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only starts up in safe mode

if started up normally, it chimes, the screen comes on with the apple and the spinning wheel. then it goes into a blank blue screen.

However if the shift (safe start-up)key is held down, then it works reasonably, but no sound.


I have done this now,

but 11 items still remain,

repeated many times, and permutations,

still would not repair.

I even found the offending files and replaced them with copies from a working mac, didn't work.

I have photos of the screen, which I have posted on my g-mail account;


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Hello Peter, You need to start your computer with the system disk and run disk repair until it reports no trouble found. I am including a link to Apples start difficulty guide. Good luck.

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