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Why does my psp do not charge while playing?

My psp is 5 years old. Now, when i charge it ,it charges fine, but takes 12 hours or more.

And when i try to play it while connected to the charger, the charging stops as soon as i switch it on. And when i switch it off, it starts charging again.

It is my charger or battery?

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Knock it off with the "brick" thing. All you're doing is just scaring him to death.

Topic creator I had the same thing happen to me a week and half ago with my PSP. I was playing around in Monster

Hunter Freedom Unite and noticed that the areas were getting distorted so I quit the game and put in Smackdown vs

Raw 2010. Everything was fine when playing a match in Smackdown 2010 and all of a sudden the screen went all white

and psp turned off by itself. my one and only batter that I've had since November 2008 it pretty much died on me I think

so I ordered a brand new battery off of amazon and should be getting it next week on Monday or in the middle of the week

next week and I am hoping the new battery will turn my PSP back on.

one thing I can't stand is when people automatically think a PSP's got bricked because of the PSP shutting down by

itself. its like they never even bother checking out the battery and needing to get a new battery.

This whole "brick" thing is getting on my nerves and all these people do is just to scare you to death and make you worry

if you should go get a new PSP handheld or something.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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I think you did not get the question. My psp is not bricked. It just take half a day to charge, but works fine. When i play it while connected to power source, it stops charging, but when psp is switched off the light glows again and charging starts as well(12 hour charging)


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