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The Canon EOS 300D is a 6.3-megapixel entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera.

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Can not get photo's out of my camera

My camera is working and holding photo's on the cf card but I can not get my reader to read the card nor can I get the camera to transfer direct to my computer, is there a simple solution to this ?

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Have you tried it on another computer? And what computer are you currently on?


Have you tried another CF card?


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Are you sure it's not the computer at fault? Try another computer with another cable. Also, the camera may not support direct transfer to the PC. In that case, make sure your card reader is good.

Hope this helps!

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Have you formatted the SD card? You can usually do that using the camera menu or in the computer. You will lose any pictures you have stored on the card. Are any picture on the card viewable on the camera screen?

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I thought I had this difficulty also...But, it was my card reader which is an USB 2 and the USB 3 slot on my computer didn't like it..........Went to my older laptop with only USB 2 slots and the reader worked just fine.

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