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Is the LCD panel compatible with the 13" MacBook Pro?

I'm looking to replace the LCD screen of my Macbook Pro 13" (mid 2009) with a higher resolution one from the new Macbook Air 13". Are these LCD screens interchangeable, or do they have different connectors/panel fitting problems/etc?

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I would wait for an answer on this from Ben Eisenman. He's the iFixit parts man. I'll tag this so maybe he will see it.


hi, i'm very interessed to this question, specially after new mbp that came out without any hiRes display... Did someone try to fit the new mba display on mbp?


I was interested in swapping the MBP 13" LCD for the higher resolution LCD in the MBA as well. After looking through the various teardowns, it appears that the panels are at least somewhat physically different:

MBA panel:

MBP panel:

On the MBP, the top metal tabs protrude from the left and right, while on the MBA the tabs are top. There also appears to be an extra board on the bottom of the MBP that isn't on the MBA.


Thanks. I guess I can live with the slightly different mounting tabs...I'd probably have to do something else to make sure the panel stays secure. As for the extra board on the MBP, are you referring to the wifi adapter at the bottom towards the right?


Came here to ask about this, glad to see people have already looked at it.

Has anyone tried one of these swaps? It "seems" doable, but I'm curious how the panel could be secured with the tabs out of place and/or if the extra component mentioned on the MBP's assembly would be a problem.


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I would look inside the Macbook, and see what kind of cables you need before buying anything. then, just make sure that whatever you buy uses those same types of cables.

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