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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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Firmware update .DFU Jambox Big

Can anyone point me to the latest .DFU to update the jambox big's firmware ?? Just bought a used one and need to update, but jawbone not supporting it anymore. Thank you for any help!

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First go to this website:

  • If you're not already, you'll have to sign in
  • In My Devices, click on BIG JAMBOX
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the Jawbone_Updater-x.x.x.exe and click continue
  • Then be redirected to the Voices and Tones page, which are the .dfu files
  • Choose a voice you like and download it
  • Now the speaker must be turned off and connected with the USB cable to the computer
  • Double-click on the file (the Jawbone_Updater must NOT be running for this to work, you'll know if it is running if you see the "J" icon on the task bar (bottom right on Windows and I believe upper left on Mac) click it and then click "quit")
  • After double-clicking the file click OK on a window after finding your speaker
  • Now you just have to wait, the "J" icon will appear and become red and if you click on it you can see the percentage. This takes around 5 to 10 minutes.


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That site is no longer available


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I just updated my big jambox at this site.

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I appreciate the site but my old jawbone is still working ok aside from an annoying buzz while there’s no bluetooth playing thru it, so I’m not taking the chance to make it a brick. Pretty annoying that the Jambox company just bailed.


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