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Information and repair instructions for Sub-Zero Refrigerator

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How to repair refrigerator liner

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Here's a stock photo that's very close. The damage is in the left freezer compartment.

Sub Zero Refrigerator 601F/S

My friend is dog and house sitting at a high dollar home. She dropped a bowl of frozen cantaloupe on the bottom moulding. She says this frig looks like it costs more than she makes in a year. She asked me if I could help and I'm asking ya'll. I'd have a hard time with crying friends.

Does anyone know what this part is called, where I can get it and how to install it?

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It may be that this is part of the whole interior liner. But I found a liner repair kit.

Now I may just need instructions on using it.

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Hello Mayer! When I read this I just had to help. JB-Weld has a plastic repair kit that will work. Walmart sells it for under $10. Follow the instructions exactly! Don't skip a step or try to hurry the process. When it's finished curing it will need sanding. Remember-the more you apply, the more you have to sand. After sanding, it can be painted. I've tried all kinds of products to repair liner damage and this plastic repair kit by JB-Weld is the only product that I've found that works. I've used it on more than liners.

I patched a dozen dime size holes that a rat made to the plastic outer tub of a direct drive washer. It never leaked a drop! Saved the customer lots of money and me lots of time! JB-Weld has several amazing products. The kit has 2 syringe applicators. It will have a strong odor that won't last long. Good luck!

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@ladytech Wow, thanks Loretta. We sure have missed you. My researched answers are a poor substitute for your experience ;-)


I've missed y'all too! Is the sub zero still waiting repairs? Did you try that repair kit you had? If it requires tape, I pass. I end up with fingers taped together. Lol Of all the places to damage a liner they picked the worst spot! That's a high-end refer too. I'm curious to know the outcome. Please keep me posted.


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