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Why no cooling when external temperature is high?

My window type Air Conditioner works fine when the out-side temperature is not so high but it blows no cool air when the out-side temperature goes up high.

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Provide model and brand so we can help you more.

For a general troubleshooting step, check your unit's model on how to check the coolant level and refill it.

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Its a Carrier, Model 51GSR187M-OM 1.5 Ton WRAC.


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sounds to me like your condenser coil needs cleaned in a bad way. In cooler Temps lower airflow will still condense the hot gas into liquid. Once Temps climb it cannot do n it with low airflow. When the temp gets high, and it stops blowing cold, carefully spray some water on the coils. Does it blow cold after you do? If so you need to clean your coil. Do it carefully as the force of the water can bend the fins on the coil.

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