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touch screen not responding but works in safe mode

Hello, my z1 just did wiered things, it kept restarting over and over again after it starts up with about 1 minute, the touch screen worked like 30 seconds of them and then went unresponding, i force powered it off, software repaired it and everything was repaired for like 4 hours after that the touch became not responding again but this time without restarting, i entered safe mode and the touch works perfectly there so it shouldn't be a hardware issue, any suggestions on what i can do?

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Sometimes it also says Xperia home is not responding and then freezed, i don't know what is the problem, I'll try factory reset as a last resort but i doubt it will help


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Well i found out the issue and it has nothing to do with sony nor the hardware, it's just that FACEBOOK is causing all kind of errors including mine which is restarting and freezing, uninstalling it should solve the problem for now,it isn't working and can't connect to it anyway.

Lots of.people on different forums are mentioning it's a major error happening due to Facebook specially in the z1 phones.

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Hi, I am no expert but just trying to help. Do not directly go for the factory reset. First thinks in this path. Before this problem started,

1) Did you or someone dropped the phone recently or put weight on the phone either by sitting with the phone in your back pocket or accidentlly sat or stepped on it or put pressure on it?

If the above one is the case you might have a screen problem and had to get replaced.

2) This is a little unlikely but, what are very recent updates or apps that were installed before the problem has started?

Applications are less likely cause this problem but sometimes updates can.

Just to be on the safe side let's check the solutions for the 2nd question first and then go for the 1st one.

Try to uninstall the most recent app you have installed (before the problem started) and restart the phone and check if the problem is solved. Repeat this step for may be 2 or 3 apps. If this does not fix it then go for a factory reset (factory reset is for checking the possibility of the problem with the updates) but do not forget to backup.

Still having the problem? Then think of the 1st question... Do some more research on line and if you cannot find and reasonable solution anywhere you have to get your screen replaced.

All these questions and steps are to pick and eliminate the causes of the issue safely. Hope this helps.

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Hi,Thanks for responding. The screen is working perfectly but only in safemode so it isn't a hardware problem, I'll try to remove some.apps or their updates and I'll see if it helps.


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