Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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What does folder with question mark flashing and finder mean?

ibook g4 12

I own an ibook g4 but when i power it on i get a grey screen with a folder flashing a question mark and the finder face, does anyone know how I can fix this? please help !!

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Please give us the Axxx number located on the back of your Book. The speed would also help, then we can direct you to the correct guide.


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The flashing question/finder face means the computer can't find an OS to boot... This can be caused by a corrupted install, a bad harddrive, or a few other things... Basically, you have to wipe out everything and re-install... How old is the hard drive in it?

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You don't have to wipe everything. First start up from your system installation disk and run disk utilities to see if you can repair your drive.


Der... Forgot... I would highly suggest wiping it completely out though, unless you have a ton of photo's and movies/music on it


Skippy - If the Disk Repair fails what other steps can the OP do before wiping everything? Then what to do if the (what kind of wipe?), fails?


Is this a test?? If the disk repair fails, I would try target disk mode to make sure it's not the hard drive. If he goes for a wipe, zero out the data and go with the recomended disk format for which ever OS he decides to use.


+ Not a test, just trying to get you to think and give a more complete answer. I couldn't give you an upvote the way it was. Now I can. Next step is replacing the hard drive.


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