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Mart 2016'da Samsung tarafından yayımlanmıştır. Model SM-G930V.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Hi all. All my photos on my Galaxy S7 are gone due to factory reset. How can I recover them with a free tool? Any good suggestion? Thanks.

I've tried to find a free tool to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, but failed. If anyone knows, tell me please.

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No free tool can get back lost photos from S7, as far as I know.


In Google Play, there are some free Photo Recovery apps, maybe you can try them one by one to test your luck. If I were you, I would purchase a app to get back the precious photos for the paid one is more powerful.


I don't get how you can recover data that has been lost forever.

Factory reset may be different


Professional tools can do the recovery. I successfully recover photos from my phone after purchase an android data recovery app.You can find one to do the recovery easily.


Hi all,please if you can tell me an application which can help me to recover the photos and the contacts after factory rest.


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Finally, I choose the android data recovery recommended by @amandaj in the comment and recover deleted photos from my S7 successfully, the pity is that some photos are missing. Thanks.

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I tried the free version, which seems workable, but when it asks me to register, I quit, for I am looking for some free tool. Will choose this one if I cannot find a free tool.


Good luck! If you find any, tell all of us.


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No. I keep searching free tools for days, but no luck. Finally, I I had to purchase android data recovery to recover data after factory reset Android S7. You guys do not waste time finding free tools from now on.

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Normally, photos are deleted due to factory reset, and if you have the habit of backup, you can recover deleted photos Samsung for free from cloud like Google photos and Dropbox. If you don't have the habit of backup, don't worry, you can try Eelphone Android Data Recovery. Simple operation, deleted photo recovery in just a few clicks.


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