Replacement screws for Huawei P9


A friend tried to replace the screen on my Huawei P9 and got about half way through before returning it for me to complete the task.

Unfortunately the screws on either side of the USB socket that seal the phone were missing when I got it back and cannot be found by my friend.

Does anyone know the precise size of the screws so I can try to replace them, or better still if someone knows where I might be able to buy replacements from?

Ifixit don't stock the screws themselves so I'd need some phone repair store that's got a dead P9 in stock who can reclaim the screws for me.

Thanks all.

Bu soruyu yanıtla Ben de bu sorunu yaşıyorum

Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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The two bottom screw for the back casing uses like two pentalobe screws.


Yes Ben, but I need to know the size to get replacements.


Did you ever find an answer to this as i need them too?


Pentalobe P2


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