How do I raise the Fan blade? It's scraping and I can't run it.

The Fan rotating blade looks like it is jammed down too low and is scraping on and hitting the inside plastic frame so that I can't run it. I don't have the strength to pull the blade up so that it will no longer hit the framing. I've tried using pliers to hold the stem and turning the fan both ways and I can not turn it and I do not have anyone to help me. It is really hot and this fan would help to get thru all this heat.

Please tell me how I can do this.

Thank you.

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BL R you've looked through these guides Seville Classics MSC10166 to make sure it was all properly assembled?


It was given to me by someone that has used it. It started to slow down and I took it apart to clean, then when I tried to put it back together, the blades are too low. I've tried repeatedly and using the guides, can't see anything wrong..... Usually I'm good with such things; but, this time I'm not. I thought that maybe I did something wrong that caused the blades to be lower, but can't find or correct it.


BL R the blades were ok before you disassembled it? Take some good pictures of the complete assembly etc. and post those with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.


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