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Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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Why wont my camera turn on

My canon rebel xt wont turn on anymore,was working fine now nothing

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@jakekealyyy first thing you want to do is to check your battery. It may charge but may not hold that charge when you turn on the camera. After that you need to check the battery contacts, make sure they are not corroded , bend or otherwise damaged. Always make sure that the battery compartment closes properly and that there is nothing obstructing the contacts. It is of course possible that you are having issues with the power button/flex or the DC/DC board. For that you need a voltmeter and will have to disassemble your camera. Check the voltage according to the block diagram

Block Image

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Wow I see this alot,the answer in 98% of the time is-------->either the battery is not strong enough even though it takes pics it seems fine but it ain't,(DURACELL BATTERIES) only,and two the flash itself can be intermittent both are typically the problem and I personally see folks selling at alarming rates and loosing money,I would buy your camera if you think I'm wrong after you let me look at it for 4 minutes,I'm not gonna sit there and say throw it away I'm gonna multi ohm it out,9 out of ten it's fixed in 4 minutes with DURACELL BATTERY) PERIOD!!!!!!!commen sense tells you that it was working yesterday and three days later it don't and I haven't dropped it or anything!!! bam like a diesel truck it will spin over and over as starting but won't crank? Why because it needs a certain amount of amps to fire the system up not volts,to my rich friends reading this is what I do,think smart be smart it pays to have a good IQ, …..I'm here for you guys if needed I will help you with making decisions I look at the whole picture and everything in between I don't skip letters,then I think of the outcome in three different scenarios, start with three different positives,and then apply it on the long term ,if it would be practical. and for for your good,I've should've been a consulted because that was my gift in life and 99% of people who are one don't like there job but I love it,so you need me send me a email let me help you out and see for yourself,the people around you can sometimes cloud your judgement get a new brain storm person with a high IQ,and make that decision based on a real practical solution that will have a good result..

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