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All-in-one desktop PC released by Microsoft in November 2016. Features a 4.5K, 28" touchscreen PixelSense display and 6th generation Skylake Intel Core i5 or i7. Available with 8 GB/ 16 GB / 32 GB RAM, 1 TB / 2TB hybrid storage, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M / GeForce GTX 980M GPU.

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Hook up to external computer?

After your tear down, do you think its possible to bypass the given computer entirely and wire it directly to a more power desktop and just treat it as a touch/pen display for a beefer desktop?

(also I love your site teardown / explanation and images... keep it up!)

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I want to know if it is possible as well. If it is, can someone walk me through it?


I have the same question. I own a Surface Studio but it is kind of slow compared to my workstation PC so it would be nice if Ifixit would try to do that.


I have a Studio 1. The monitor works perfectly but it would be nice to plug it to a brand new fast computer. The new studio 2+ is a lot of money when you just need a computer refresh.


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Interesting question but difficult to answer. First, the Surface Studio is good on its own and second is that it would be a lot of work to bypass the computer portion and connect to another external computer. It would be cheaper and easier to get a touch screen monitor and connect it to your choice of desktop.

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I would say the GPU is outdated, and I would love to drive the display (like the 55, and 84 let you) from an external beefier computer. I know common complaint, is a memory intensive program like Maya for example, struggle with the Surface specs...


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