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The Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-011-18R3 is a 2-in-1 Tablet with docking keyboard running Windows OS. It was originally released May 2014.

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My power light is on and it wont turn on

i can only charge it by the secandary port now the light is sometimes blue or orange when i try to turn on it wont but some times i can see the montior flash and then nothing it has done this for a long time and i dont want to send it in

Update (08/08/2017)

my pin hole is on top insted of where you said it was between the micro sd and headphones still i probed the pinhole and could not feela switch for reset

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I have the same problem Help me


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If the device has a charge, the indicator light on the power button displays a steady blue or amber color when plugged in, and still will not turn it needs to be reset. There is a reset pinhole between the microphone and Micro SD card slot on the right side of the device (screen facing you in upright position). Insert a pin needle size object into the pinhole and hold down the reset button for four seconds. Device should turn on.Hope this helps

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The above I think will assist for basic reset but mine like the original posters, has a light but no amount of poking the hole resets the devise . Mine wont power on after a acer bios update which appears to have killed the devise. Very poor support on these firmware updates.

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