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SwagTron T1 Hands Free Smart Board, also known as a Hoverboard or Self-balancing Scooter. Released in June of 2016. Identified by model number 88570-2T1 Black.

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Hover board will not stop.

My kids were riding the T1 Hover Board and it started going in circles and would not stop. I picked the unit up and attempted to turn it off. It took a few tries and I had to hold the power button in but it finally powered down. The next time we turned the Hover Board on the wheels immediately began turning and again I had to hold the power button it to get it to stop. This was a Christmas gift so it's about 8 months old. Please let me know what I can do or where I can take it to get repaired. Thanks.

Larry Klentz


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Hey Larry!

The quality of the inner components really depends on where you bought the hover board, but it seems like you have a faulty gyroscopic sensor (the sensor that determines the orientation of the hover board). Something I would do before trying to fix it would be to turn it on and let it run until the battery dies. After that, charge it to full capacity and see if the problem is fixed. If not, contact the retailer and see if they have replacement parts for sale.

Good luck in your endeavors!

- Austin

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