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What are the fan specs for an Nyko 1st Gen intercooler?

I have an old 1st generation Nyko XBox 360 Intercooler. (The white one with a pass-through power-plug and no thermostatic control). It contains what appear to be three 50 mm fans that have no part number, manufacturer, voltage or current ratings on them (just a blank black film coating on the fan hub). As the power is pass-through and the fans wired in parallel, I assume they are 12 Volt DC fans.

As the subsequent intercoolers did a better job, I'm considering trying to re-purpose the fans. However; to do that, I need to know the specs for the fans.

Does someone know the manufacturer/part number or can at least just confirm the rated voltage and tell me the rated current draw for the individual fans?

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Is there a reason you didn't just use a Volt meter to measure the voltage at the fans?


Thanks for the reply, Dan.

I believe the XBox 360 uses a 12 VDC power supply and the 3 fans are in parallel. So, they will likely be fine running off a 12 VDC supply for each fan. However; some manufacturers will use a fan with something other than the spec'd voltage, because they need a fan of a certain physical size. Not a good practice, but I've seen it done. Since the fans are not identified at all, I'm just being careful by asking if someone knows what the spec's are.

I haven't yet tried a current measurement, because I'd really like to know the originally specified amperage to ensure that I adequately size the power supply used to run each of the 3 fans. However; if nobody knows the answer, I'll disassemble the intercooler, assume the fans are actually 12 VDC, use an oversize power-supply, do a current measurement on each of the three fans and size the final power-supply appropriately by adding a safety margin (say 10%).


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@gary_g - Use a Volt meter measuring across the common and the hot leg of the fan what the voltage? Amps won't answer the question as that would be there load. You really need to work it from the total load not the fans.

I think you're making this harder than it is.

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Sorry Dan; not sure if I understand the emphasis on the voltage measurement. I don't have the XBox itself anymore, which is why I had to assume what the terminal voltage would be based on the fans being powered by a pass-through connection from the XBox 360 power supply. I think it's relatively certain it's 12VDC. The question is more of the amperage requirements at 12VDC. I've a box of old power adapters and would like to use one that's not excessive, but will still do the job.

I've seen a number of current draw figures quoted on the web and many of them conflict with each other. So, I'm just wondering if anyone knows the specs for the fans or is it just better to measure it using a "generously" rated 12VDC power supply and checking the current draw when powering the fans.


Wait wasn't this Intercooler thing somehow powered trough the power-supply of the Xbox and didn't it cause overheating in many situations?


Well! That changes things :-}

Then the question should be what is the Xbox's pass-through power connections voltage and how much load can it handle?

Here's a good reference: Xbox-360 console power-supply. It states the unit is 12 volts but offers a few different wattages 150, 175 & 203. I let you work out Ohms Law to figure out the Amps.


Yep, and the connectors on the cables differ a little bit if you scroll down on that article,


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