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Also known as EOS 600D and released in March 2011, this camera can be identified by its SKU (SKU:5169BO32). This camera is a Canon Digital SLR with 18 megapixels.

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Red blotches on faces

I took some shots at the sea-side and when I downloaded them to my PC I found the faces of some of the subjects had completely red faces

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The entire faces or just the eyes? If the skin tones are looking a bit too red, try changing your white balance setting.

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Thank you for your reply Anthony but it isn't a white balance problem, it's more like a deep red ball covering the faces, it has only happened once so far, I am looking to eleviate the effect in the future. Regards Terry Rutland


Huh. I have never seen anything like that. That sure is one weird problem. Update the post if you find out what caused it, I'm genuinely curious.


I thought it was about time I kept you in touch. I actually got rid of the red blotch in PhotoShop and havn't experienced the problem since, most strange. Regards, Terry Rutland


Huh. That's definitely odd. Glad you were able to save the photos!


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