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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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How do I fix my broken odometer?

I was about to drive to work this morning, when I noticed that my odometer reading was totally discombobulated. I have no idea how it happened, and this is the first time I've seen anything like it.

Check it out for yourself (click to enlarge): What the crackers is going on? How do I go about fixing this?


Silly car. I went on a short errand an hour ago and the odometer read fine, as if nothing had happened. I'll keep monitoring to see how this plays out...

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My odometer is reading 142 19.6 . The zero is missing. Should read 142019.6. This is causing the odometer to read slower. After traveling 20 miles, it only shows I drove 1.7 miles. What's up with that?


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Since it is trying to display what looks like valid correct numbers, and not completely scrambled, I'm guessing it's a connection issue.

It might be the plug under the dash that plugs into the odometer, or it maybe the actual contacts on the LCD panel. There is often a rubbery strip that runs along the edge of an LCD panel that acts as the contacts for the display. Sometimes the adhesive comes unstuck, and the LCD will display like that. I have re-glued them down and had them work happily again.

If you have to replace your LCD, since it is digital the mileage maybe stored in your ECU? in which case I would expect it to keep the correct mileage.

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I'll try to fiddle with the plug to see if that resolves the issue. I'm not so keen on taking apart the dash unless it's really necessary. Thanks!


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Problem solved. Mine started doing the same thing, and if I pressed on the plastic against the odometer, it will display correctly, but once I lifted my fingers, some segments would fade out again. So I opened it up, and inspected it, and sure enough, the soldering joints where the LCD of the odomoter met the circuit board were cracked (very tiny cracks, only seen with magnifying glass). If you open it, you'll see that the LCD unit itself is large, and at the top of it, it runs to the board with a series of metal strings, like a guitar, not a ribbon. Where these metal strings attach to the back of the circuit board is the culprit. Over time, the soldering joints can crack with microfissures through repeated bangs and temperature changes. Simply retouch carefully with a soldering iron, and voila, problem solved.

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Tn1kinobe. thank you! resomdering the contacts fixed the issue!! thanks a lot! I actually checked with multimeter and 2 points were not making contacts. my odometer showed faded numbers once in a while


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Go here for a FREE Carfax Odometer Check

This is a very possible solution:

Signs your odometer's been tampered with:

First, use CarFax or AutoCheck to request a copy of the vehicle's history. This will include state registration and emission inspection data and a lot, lot more.

Examine the dashboard for scratch marks or loose screws. They could indicate your odometer's been tampered with. However, it's also a sign of normal maintenance including light bulb replacement.

If the odometer is of the older, analog variety rather than digital, check to see if the mileage numbers are aligned. Give the 10,000 digit a careful examination.

During a test drive, does the odometer stick?

Check for service stickers (oil change, tune up, etc.) that may have the vehicles true mileage. Check under the car's hood and inside the door.

Check the owner's manual for maintenance records. If it appears that pages were removed, ask about it. This is a red flag.

If you're purchasing the car from a dealership, ask they did a computer check. If so, did they find any warranty records?

Ask for a moment to look at the vehicle's title. Look closely for signs the mileage has been altered.

Take note of the title's issue date. Was the vehicle sold soon it was issued? Be wary if it was. This is a common way tricksters mask a vehicle's actual mileage.

Are there signs of wear? Check the arm rests, carpet, steering wheel, and pedals. A lot of wear could be a sign the car has more miles on it than the odometer indicates. If any of these parts look new, too new, it could be a sign the owner is trying to hide something.

Ask a trusted mechanic do a vehicle inspection. The inspection should include looking for signs of odometer tampering.

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Hey Mayer,

thanks for the concern but I had the car since 2003 :) The odo came with 88,000 miles already (just right for a five-year ownership), and it's been counting up to the 208,000 mark without fault... And it seems to be fixed now!


That's great that you know it hasn't been tampered with. As to it being "fixed now", at my age you go to the doctor if you have chest pains even if they go away.


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