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Motorola smartphone released June 2016 with additional features called Moto Mods (Speakers, chargers, etc). At the time of its release, the Moto Z was the thinnest smartphone ever (5.2mm). Model numbers XT1650-01 and XT1650-03.

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How to move everything from old SD card to a new one?


My phone currently has a 16GB SD card mounted and formatted as internal storage, but it's almost full because of all the pictures I take and apps I have. I just bought a larger card, a 32GB part, but I have no idea how to get everything to the new card.

Even if I install it with all files copied on it, the phone will want to format the card as internal before letting me use it; formatting erases all data...

Anyone got any idea on how to do this?

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Here's what I'd do.

  1. Format the new SD card in your phone.
  2. Insert both cards into your PC.
  3. Use some cloning software to duplicate your data. (I like Macrium Reflect but others work too.)

Your new card should be ready to go!

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Your PC has two SD card slots?


@mayer Eh, I'm a photographer, but I see your point.

@alexniculescu You will need a spare SD card reader or if your PC has both a SD card reader and a Micro SD card reader you could use both slots.


Oh, so you could use the slot in a camera too?


@mayer What I meant is that I do have two SD card slots for plenty of cards.


Yes gorge, I understand that. But for those who do not a possible solution is the card slot in their camera.


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Insert the new card into the phone and format it for use in the phone. Connect your old card to a computer using a memory card reader. Then connect your phone to the computer and manually transfer the files over. Data files will move no problem (pictures, movies etc.) app folders probably won't work.

There may be software out there that will let you clone the old card to your new card. That might also be an option.

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Thanks for your answer, but it does not work.

Here's what I did:

This stuff is quoted from another forum.

Go to Settings > Storage & USB › Internal Storage, click on "Migrate data" to move your data back to internal

In case you do not have enough space left on internal to move everything back (which was my case), here are some additionnal steps:

Connect the phone to a PC via USB and back-up the contents of the old "adopted" SD Card

Manually delete enough data from the old SD Card to be able to do the move: typically pictures and videos that you can easily restore afterwards

Click on "Migrate data" in Settings > Storage & USB › Internal Storage

Check that the old "adopted" SD Card is now empty (or even format it back to "Portable") then eject it

Insert the new SD Card and set it up as "Internal storage" and agree to move the data to it

Eventually reconnect the phone to the PC via USB to restore manually deleted data


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