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Repair information for the Brother MFC-J6920DW wireless, multifunction inkjet printer. Model number: MFC-J6920DW. First available on Amazon in September of 2012.

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Black print head clogged with ink.

This has been a gradual failure to print just the black. I have done 3 cleaning cycles, over multiple days, this worked a little but used quite a bit of ink. Then I used a syringe kit with cleaning fluid and paper towels under the head. Made a bit of a mess and pulled out a bunch of color ink at the same time. That did help, I got back about 90% of the print range. However it quickly failed again to 0%. All I have used in this is Brother Ink.

Can the print head removed more a through manual cleaning? What happens to the ink used in the self cleaning operation?

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How do you clean the "print head"? I can not get a full ink cartiridge to work. It says "no ink". ZBest Buy says to buy a new machine and so do my friends. Not an option. Help!


Thanks for the post. I am having the same issue and was about to begin the cleaning you did. Did about 6 cleaning cycles and emptied my Mag cartridge that was already low. eventually helped, but still not so good. Would not print with Mag empty, so I partially filled it with solution of 10% Iso alcohol and water with 1 drop of soap.... used about 5 ml injected into the cartridge .

Printer cleared the "empty" mssg and allow me to print in "gray" scale for now. Instruction on cleaning say to remove the ink first with sucking into syringe. Will remove about 10-15 ml of ink.. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then start flushing slowly with cleaning fluid. Then replace same vol of ink. Then do cleaning cycle or 2.



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Hi forrest laiche , normally there are several ways, some will replace the print head if it is too bad, another but not recommended is to clean with a little IPA .

the ink used for the self cleaning will be deposit into the printer waste ink pad, which is hidden inside the printer.

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I should be more specific. How would one go about removing the print head? And how would I clean out the printer wast ink pad? Because after all the cleaning cycles i have done it has about half a cartridge of ink in it.


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