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The Dell Latitude E5270 is part of the Latitude Exx70 laptop series released in 2016. The E5270 Laptop has a 12.5" display and comes with either an i5 or i7 Intel processor.

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How do I fix it if its not charging

When i plug in the charger it writes not charging

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Not sure what you have tried already? if you have or know someone with a adequate charger that can be used on your model give it a go if you still receive the same indication it maybe that the battery needs to be replaced.

Keep in mind always having your device plugged in and charging even if the battery is fully charged it lowers the life span of the battery.


- Swap battery

- Swap Charger


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Could you please update the post with some more information, like whether or not the battery was replaced before and if you can confirm that the AC adapter is working properly.

As a first step I'd recommend that you check your settings in the Dell Power Manager app. You can find it by typing its name in the start menu. This app comes preinstalled on most recent Dell laptops and it has a setting that does not let the battery charge if certain conditions are met. You can look at this forum post from Dell to get more insight on what I mean.

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Dell Latitude E-series laptops work with out a battery. So even if the battery were dead, the laptop should still turn on if the power adapter and motherboard were in working order.

If you are able to turn on the laptop, press "F2" on the Dell Logo to enter BIOS setup. Sometimes it will tell you what is going on. If the battery is failing it will let you know. Some problems with the AC adapter will also send you a notification in the BIOS.

For the E-Series, if the AC adapter is failing or it is less than 100W or 65W (Depending on the model), it will refuse to charge or charge extremely slow. I see you have a 12" so a 65W should be sufficient to charge. I would say try another adapter first. The next step would be to try another battery.

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