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The Xbox One Model 1698 Wireless Controller was released by Microsoft in 2015 alongside the Model 1697 controller. This controller is similar to the Model 1697 with internal modifications. It has more features than a basic controller, such as, removable thumbsticks and metal D-Pad buttons. The controller is primarily designed for console use, but is PC compatible.

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Can I purchase interchangeable/additional parts for my controller?

I was wondering if there are any parts that are interchangeable with the Xbox One controller or if it they have their own parts?

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Yes, you can! The Xbox One Elite Controller allows for interchangeable thumbsticks, directional-pads, and back paddles. You can purchase additional parts from sellers like Amazon or from Microsoft’s website. For instructions on how to replace the thumbsticks, reference the Thumbstick Replacement Guide.

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Specifically xbox one controllers only because you didn't specify Specifically if its only xbox one controllers.

So I'm thinking Had you mentioned it then it would be clear but you didn't. MENTION it so ether it is or not sure.

I attempted to repair my elite with a mother board from and xbox one controller unfortunately learning to sodar electronics the gun i have has a huge tip so it was a mess. But I have a few 360 controllers and im hopeful my elite can still be saved.

I haven't had two side by side to compare sense this is something that's new to me.


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And also if I happen to

Can a bad sodar job be fixed. Or is my motherboard toast.

Craig from kingston.

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