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Why is my LCD display suddenly become blank?

My LCD screen is shown blank without any single word display on the screen, it still can print if the printer network can be set to proper wifi id. But, in this case the LCD screen is blank and showing nothing, so i can not set to any wifi id at all.

Please help me on how to fix this or where to buy that LCS screen to replace that broken one???

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I had the same issue. I fixed it by removing entire front panel . open entire top where you see USB cable and look for screws near the front (My 240c had 3) , carefully snap out the circuit board and reseat all cables.

Reverse process and turn on. Display came back. Make sure it's disconnected from power.

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Hi Manny, can you post some pictures ? I have a DCP7060.

Thanks, Chong


mine is DCP-7040 and it has the same issue (LCD display is blank and all other function is good). the panel is secured by 4 Philip screws, they are very easy to access and removed. before start working, disconnect the power cable first, after removing the panel you should see the circuit board. carefully disconnect flat type cable by your finger force, then carefully re-insert it to the socket. that is it.


My brother DCP-T710W have a problem. The screen of the panel become black vertical bar. How can I fix this?


it could be that your lcd display is broken


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after removing the front panel there should be 1 white flat cable and one blue color connector check if after pressing buttons does it make any key sound if yes congrats your button pcb is fine next check for the flat cable carefully remove it from the socket and check for any damage pin connection maybe you have to replace the cable itself

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