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The Solar-Breeze NX is a robotic pool cleaner funded by Kickstarter and produced by Solar-Breeze.

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The left front wheel of my solar breeze keeps making a clicking sound

one of the wheels on my solar breeze keeps making a clicking sound when the wheel tries to engage.

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In my case, the cone-shaped horizontal pinion gear is worn and not engaging with the opposing gear. I have a replacement part but don’t know how to remove the pin that the cone gear attaches to. Any ideas?


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I started having the same problem today. Did you end up finding a solution to it?


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I have the same problem too. On reading the user manual I noticed that they say to never rest the panel on the front wheels. I might have done that a few times to charge it and thus might have bent it. I did infact try to repair it by removing the covers, I saw nothing there blocking the wheel. The wheels do work if you put a small pressure on them but they stop working after a few seconds. I will try to dig into it again sometime.

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My front wheels also started to make noise. You can contact the company and they'll sell you a "front gear platform" replacement kit which you can install yourself as per their published video

Or you can purchase RX for your NX maintenance plan where you send the unit to them and they replace whatever needs to be replaced as per

For me, rather than replacing many components in SolarBreeze every year or two.... I'm considering a more wholistic solar solution from

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