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Samsung's flagship tablet, released in March 2017. Identified by model number SM-T820.

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Google play store not responding

Hi my google play store is not responding anytime i click on the icon it freezes the phone and after some seconds it says unfortunately,google play has stopped

need help.

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Go To Settings --> Applications

- find Google services, select Force Stop, and then clear data

- find Google Play store, select Force Stop, and then clear data, and then uninstall updates if there are any

- restart the phone

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My tablet has bin doing the same thing but mine did Google play freeze thing after it firmament it's self I fixed my tablet now Google play dose this freeze thing so I do not have no games at all on my tablet.

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Samsung J3 2017 here. I solved this problem of having the repeat small window appear stating: “Google Play Store Has Stopped” Close App.

I went into Setting -- Apps. From here I opted to have the Apps Listed. I selected Google Play Store and clicked on, Force Stop. I was given the option to reset Google Play Store to basic, beginnings, function ability. This I did. From here the annoying repeat window (above) disappeared. I then updated all my apps. Regards. U.K.

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Hi Robert, I have the same ph as you and my google play store has completely disappeared (not disabled). Also my google play services don't appear to be working properly as everytime I try and access anything google related I get an error message saying that it wont run without google play services which are not supported by my device or my device is not compatible. In settings>apps it shows google play services as installed and enabled. I have the latest software update and 1gb of space so run out of ideas.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions ? Thanks


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Why Google stop working on my tabletk keep saying no response

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