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Choosing a OCA Screen Laminator Suitable For The Ipad Pro / Air 2

Hi, so as I see the price of the ipad air screens etc is going through the roof, I am now seriously looking into glass replacements, as at present the display unit has breaches the £200 mark, which is crazy considering they were nearer to £100 not so long ago. It gotten to the point where customers would rather claim on the insurance than get it fixed if they crack the glass.

Ideally I want to be able to do the ipad pro 12.9" screens too if I am getting the high end laminator.

Im just not quite sure what to get, as there doesnt appear to be much info when it comes to doing glass replacements on ipad air 2 etc.

I see REWA recently posted a video on youtube of them using the TBK 808 for doing ipad air 2 screens with :

So far im yet to see anyone do an pro screen, but the premise is the same, e.g glass delaminator, clean, replace glass, re laminate.

The above laminator used in that video is a pretty good price at only about £600, But then I found this one which I presume is thier latest, but im not sure what size the platter is :

.....................So basically id like to know what a good laminator would be that would be suitable for the ipad pro screens, or at the very least the ipad air 2 screens ?.

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crea that is a question that you should ask the "Pro's" on here They most likely deal with that a lot more than the mere volunteers on Answers (this part of ifixit).

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Thanks I didnt even realise that existed


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The answer on the first floor is very helpful.

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