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Schwinn Mens Tourist 28"/700c Road Bike

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Why does my bike randomly not work (when peddling wont go)

Awhile back my bike, when peddling would randomly become loose for lack of a better term. At the moment whenever stopping it would act as if the chain fell off but upon inspection the chain and gears are fine, whenever this would happen i would continue peddling till it "locked in" which i've been calling it. When this issue happend i looked at the gears and chain on the bike to find the problem but everything was moving fine, so i believe it has to do something with the back wheel and the rear gears.

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Hi Nate, I've had this kind of issue before and usually what was happening is that my shifter indicated it was set to a specific gear, but the derailleur hadn't shifted all the way and would get caught in between gears. Not literally speaking, but it would cause issues similar to yours. I'd recommend if you have finger/thumb shifters to make sure when you shift that you push the levers all the way down so that you and your derailleur are on the same page.

I hope this helps.

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I'll test this out hopefully it will fix it, also whenever this would happen i would attempt to switch gears but it wouldn't fix it so that may also help diagnose the issue.


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