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The Asus Q501LA features an Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz) processor.

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How to remove the LCD display connctor cable from MB

Hello, in the process of replacing the digital touch panel and screen, The video cable was pinched in the hinge and burned out. I have a replacement cable. In looking at the mother board connector, I can't tell if the connector slides into place or if you just lift up on it and snap it back down. any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

Update (10/25/2017)

Attached are a couple pics of the cable. 1 is the attached to the mother board and the other one is the underneath side of the new cable. Thanks

Block Image

Block Image

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If you can post a close-up photo of the motherboard connector we can probably tell you.


Yes, very true....


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I figured it out. It looks like the connector just plugs in. By just grabbing the black tag that is on top, lightly pull up . Then when you plug in back in just push it down. Here is a video that I found that was helpful.

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Well done! I often find that asking a question is all that it takes to make the answer drop into your lap, quite often even before you've finished composing the question!


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