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Repair and disassembly guides for guitar amplifiers.

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My 15W AMP is making a buzzy noise, what will the issue be?

I have a 15W AMP but is making a buzzy sound even when is not connected to the guitar and sometimes you can not hear the guitar went plying, I replace my cable. I have no idea where to start, please help ????

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Unplug all the input from your amplifier,if the buzz or loud hum still there,you might have a problem with its power supply..look for deformed high valued (usually valued at 1000 uF or more)capacitors their top is flat not rounded.If you find one or two replace them,it should correct the problem,good luck !

P.S. Also toggle the top of the capacitors they should not turn loose or else their wire terminal is corroded .

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Capacitors are okay no issues the problem start when I plugged the cable even when the guitar is not connected !!

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