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How can I install app from playstore in Nokia x2 and will it work?

MY Nokia X2 currently have Nokia X software platform 2.0 . I want to install different software from play store but could not successed as Nokia X2 doesnot support google's playstore. Is there a way to upgrade or make the OS( Anroid) of Nokia to latest anroid?

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See this article.

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I have used amazon store and apk mirror, yes they are great alternative but then it doesnot give the flexibility of using anroid and google playstore.


Then see if this will help.

I warn you rooting and other modifications will compromise the security in the phone.


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Nokia X2 should run Android 4.3 at least so it should be able to use the Google Playstore.

this might help:

and try going to:

where you can download apps you'd normally find in the playstore, and even the playstore itself.

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Google play store download

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