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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Can you clarify if the PSU is "universal" for 110/220 V i.e Worldwide?

Hello, I've seen your guide and video for it, and as usual great work, congrats!

So i live outside US, and a friend of mine, bought the new Box One X for me, and hopefully i will have in my hands by Xmas. But i'm living in a country where the main AC current is 220-240V, not 110 (like in the US).

I've done that mistake ones with my original XBOX One, and blew up my PSU power brick. I've fixed it later, and still using the original ones actually BY REMOVING elements from inside, to make it work back on 220V.

So it's the end of 2017, but i'm worried that the console makers, are still doing this thing.

And since the PSU block is this time built-in and with proprietary connectors, body, etc, i'm a bit worried - in this day and age all (or in most of the cases at least - ATX PSUs, Phone adapters, Laptop adapters) are SMPS PSUs.

So my question to you guys, did Microsoft did the right thing this time, or i should start looking for a power converter brick?

Thanks in advance

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Thank you for the reply.

I actually saw this while watching the video, but last night (before the teardown video was published) I've had a long chat conversation with support person from Microsoft. She told me that i would indeed a power converter. But now the video says otherwise, hence my confusion and reason to post it here :)


I live in a country with 220V. My Xbox One X from USA.

Xbox One X (and btw any other Xbox) has multivoltage AC input:

110-240V 50-60Hz.

You don't need any converter.


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@kopacha looks like a dual input power supply. Check on here Xbox One X Teardown and you should see that it is

Block Image

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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