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A zipper found on clothing and gear to keep everything zipped up!

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How do I find the zipper slider replacement parts?

I live in Anchorage, AK. I have two down jackets that need to have the sliders replaced. Watched the video. Ready to fix them. Just need the sliders. One is a boy's hi loft down sweater hoodie from last year. One is a women's nano-puff down jacket. Both appear to be 4.5 ykk sliders. Can't find the slider or stop in Anchorage. Looked online. Found only one vendor with the appropriate sliders. They sell a 2-pack for $0.49. Until.... what always nails us Alaskans. SHIPPING. They want to charge me $19 to ship a 50 cent part. So either I pay $10 and ship both coats back to Patagonia. Or, perhaps Patagonia could ship me the zipper slider replacement parts as specified above. Please!

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Ykk's authorized reseller is 'ZipperStop'.

Good news is they sell through so you can save on shipping.

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