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The Canon EOS Rebel T3, also known as the 1100D, is a continuation of Canon's entry-level line of DSLR cameras, the Rebel series. It features an 12.2 MP sensor and a DIGIC 4 image processor.

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LCD screen and backlight disassembly

I brought a new LCD screen without backlight on eBay for my Canon 1100d to replace the damaged screen on the camera.

Does anyone know if the backlight is suppose to come off the back of the LCD panel, it appears to be soldered in.

The backlight looks like a white plastic membrane and looks difficult to remove without damaging.

Thank you

Mark Bowles

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In most cameras and smartphones the back light is integral to the display assembly, and if it's possible to separate them in order to replace one but not the other it would probably be classed as an expert repair.

That said, if you've got a broken LCD, you've nothing to loose by carefully trying to take it apart, in the process finding out how it fits together. With that knowledge you might be able to fit your old backlight to your new LCD. But if your old LCD is still just about serviceable you might not want to take the risk. On balance I'd be inclined to look at the eBay seller's returns policy, and if possible send it back and find another complete display from somewhere else.

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In your camera, the back light CAN be removed from the old screen and used on the new screen only replacement this video shows how. Sorry this is late (I'm new here) but if you still need the info or someone else does, this will do it.

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