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The US version of the sixth generation Sonata was unveiled at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show, with sales beginning in 2010 for model year 2011. For the US market, the sixth generation Sonata boasted a direct-injection 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine.

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How do I replace a lug stud on 2012 Hyundai Sonata

How do you replace a lug stud

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Can you post a picture? Most of the studs just knock out of the place by hitting them with a hammer But. Some manufacturers. Have made that impossible. Have to remove the axle. In some suspension pieces. To get clearance. To knockout stud.

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You have to take the entire hub and knuckle assembly off. I cut off the head of the broken stud and pounded it out, but there is absolutely no way to get it past the knuckle. You have to separate the ball joints, undo the speed sensor, unbolt the upper support from the shock tower and remove the axle. Then take a hammer and a large socket and drive out the hub from the knuckle (goods you tube videos available). Then once the hub is separated, you can put it in a vice and drive out the broken studs, then drive in the new ones from the other side. Try using a torch to heat the hub to free the old studs.

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What about installing after replacing stud's,could you press it back in or did you need to replace the bearing


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I had to do it on my 2009 Sonata. Rear was fairly easy, just remove one of the break shoe and the stud comes in easy.

Front was a pain. To avoid disassembling the ball joints, speed sensor, axle etc. I cut out a small piece of the thin metal shield (about 1 inch in length) and then ground into the cast iron (about 1/16 deep. to make room for the stud. I also ground one side of the stud to be able to push it through.

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