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An Android smartphone produced by Huawei, released in April 2015.

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What do I need as a replacement screen?

I broke the screen on my GRA-L09

Searched for replacement screens and found a couple affordable ones on Aliexpress. Should I take a screen with frame or without?

example product page:

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Lars Van Den Broek that totally depends on you and your skill set. I prefer to get those with frame since the repair becomes a lot easier and quicker.

Update (12/02/2017)

Never had an issues with anything I purchased from Aliexpress, I'd buy it if I'd need it. This should work as a guide.

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Lars Van Den Broek also check the reviews before purchase.


Any links where I can buy screens? Or do you think I'll be alright with the Aliexpress ones? Link for a tutorial?


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