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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Sony.

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I need help please

hey im new here i have a sony bravia smart tv recently when i play my xbox one i power cycles my tv weird times it should not turn my tv off and on when i play ,,,at all please help....thanks in advance

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@luckylastone what exact model is your TV? Does it work with other input sources correctly?


kdl-40w600b And thanks in advance.


@luckylastone Does it work with other input sources correctly? This willdetermine if this is a TV issue or an input issue.


it seems to be working now since i unplugged my usb drive it dont do it kinda of weird???


Well, Sony TVs are programmed to look for firmware updates on the USB stick. Maybe there's something on there?


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there is a feature that allows you to control your TV with the console.

This may be acting up. Try turning it off. If it still happens, it is either the TV, or the outlet.

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