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Repair and disassembly guides and support for the Digital SLR line of cameras by Canon, including the Eos series first introduced in 1987.

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Cannon T6i not turning on

Hey so i just bought this camera last week and headed to Iceland with it and when taking pictures of a waterfall it just stopped working! I headed home and charged my battery but still nothing

It's at the start of my trip and I'm in tears because nothing is working and I have limited resources!

anything is helpful and will kick myself if it was a simple fix when I get back home

Thanks for your help!!!

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Did you buy this new? Do you have a second battery to try? If not, try using a power adapter that plugs into the wall if you have one. IT sounds like you may need to consider that there was damage from the moisture near the waterfall. If that was the case, you could try keeping it in a very dry area. This next idea I am only suggesting because you are in the middle of a trip...You could try drying it out by placing it in rice overnight, to absorb the moisture. Just be sure to keep the lens caps on, and to wrap the camera in a thin towel or t-shirt, before you surround it with rice!!

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