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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's latest high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Why is my Xbox One X fan over spinning?

So I got my Xbox One X yesterday. After I unboxed it and set it up, it was working good. I powered it off after about an hour of use, and this morning I powered it on, to hear what sounded exactly like a Jet engine. I was confused because I live in the middle of no where, and realized it was my Xbox fan. I quickly shut it down and unplugged it. I decided to return it to the store as a faulty product but they told me they could not give me my money back, and there was not a technical warranty on it. So now my option is to open it, and see about maybe replacing the fan? I have heard of other faulty units like mine, but there is nothing I can do to return it.

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Just because the fan is spinning up doesn't mean it's overheating. Anytime the console is doing something that takes a lot of computing power (large games, some updates, etc.) it will get warmer and that will sometimes cause the fan to spin up.

That all being said just contact Sony. As long as you have your store receipt they will usually take it. Also, I would never buy new electronics from a store that won't give you a warranty on them.

Hope this helps.

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It isn't overheating. The fan on console startup sounds like a jet engine. It is super loud and the console does not play games well, it acts as if the GPU is overheating or lagging. Terrible console. I'm going to a PS4 Pro.


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if its 6 days old your protected under consumer rights. your 30 days are not up yet.

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That is what I believed too. But Walmart said there is no returns, or warranty. Microsoft told me the same thing.


Bring up consumer rights. they have to give you a replacement under law (if you threaten them with consumer rights they will "make a special exception" for you.)


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You could have alot of dust near your concole, or you enabled something that doesnt turn it off all the way which it gets warmer because its still running and not off all the way.

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The xbox worked fine in the beginning so maybe its ur outlet or electricity in ur house? I would sell all the electricity what you got andmaybe move into someother country a quallity country for electricity if you want to be sure sell everything because maybe all ur electronics are damaged and if you move into a new house maybe the damaged stuff can damage again something in ur house what damage the next stuff maybe you wont see it but it is damaged and you dont even not know it

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