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Double sided tape for phone repair

I don't fix phones very often, but when I do, I usually use some thin clear double sided tape to adhere or fix some components. It's been so long since I purchased this thin double sided tape, that the store closed that I purchased it from! LOL.

What tape do you guys use / where do you get it from?

I searched through ifixit store and some local stores such as homedepot and kmart, but I didn't quite find what I was looking for.

I found the Tesa 61395 Tape in your store, but I've never used it. I am a bit partial to the clear tape, because I find it used on so many tiny electronics.

Many thanks!

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I personally use PET Heat Resistant Double Sided tape from eBay (The Tesa red double sided tape variant is better from iFixit).

Works greats for tablets with large surface area for adhesive.

For the smaller devices I use TESA 61395 double sided tape.

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Thanks! I'll take a look at them.


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Would this stuff work?

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It looks promising, but it appears quite opaque. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear 3M used to make sheets of this clear double sided tape. I think it may be 3M 8153LE. I think the last time I purchased it, I was barely double digits lol. Thanks


Yup. That looks like it. Thanks.


No problem just copied and pasted model number into amazon.


Got ya. Yeah that's what came up when I searched for something similar on amazon and ebay. I'm going to leave this post unanswered for a few days to see if anyone uses something similar. I needed some double sided tape to finish a repair tonight, so I just went ahead and got the standard yellow-box scotch double sided tape from kmart. It's transparent and pretty close to the stuff I had, but not exactly the same.


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