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1.4GHz (or 2.1GHz) Processor, 2GB (or 4GB) RAM, 128 GB memory, 13.4" display

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damaged internal dc plug

I have a Dell Adamo 13, my internal power connector is broken (the one that is on the motherboard) do you know where i can buy only this part or how to repair it? I don't want to change the motherboard becouse it's only a small piece that is broken.

If this part is unavailable do you have schematics of this part?

Do you have alternative solutions?

Thank you very much

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I believe that it is soldered to the motherboard. So you do have to take it apart and expose it and see exactly what you need Dell Adamo Teardown shows you how to get it all apart. I would try to either get it from Dell or one you have the part check on Digikey or

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in the step 21 of the Dell Adamo Teardown is the one in the upper left with the code 932ca


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Replacing the DC jack involves re-soldering on mother board and probably it wont be possible with regular soldering iron. I would suggest to take it to some hardware shop and get it fixed because a wrong attempt can may harm your laptop more otherwise you can try by yourself.

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