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Repair and installation information for light bulbs and fixtures.

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Replace LEDs on Wall Sconce

The light is functional but it's the yellow'ish (soft white) and I prefer the daylight option instead. It has 40 LEDs on it. The light is a wall sconce light. Here's a link:

And here's a pic of the leds.

Block Image

My question is broken down into several actually.

-Can I remove the current LEDs and replace them with my preferred variety?

-Suggestions on how to remove them?

-Recommendations for where to pickup the replacements?

Alternatively, is there a better option instead of spending the time to swap out 40 of these? (Technically 80 b/c there's two lights) This piece actually sits behind a piece of clear acryllic shield. The wiring that hooks into the gang box exits through the rear center. This is going into a bathroom if that makes a difference in any way.

Thank you for any assistance.

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Your best option, if you want to keep those sconces, is to leave those LEDs where they are. Just cut through the copper layer on the board coming from the output side of the driver circuit. Test voltage of output (probably 12 vdc). Get some new LED light strips rated for the same voltage. Pay attention to how many LEDs per foot and the space between places they can be cut. Be sure the new strips are 5,000 kelvin (Color temperature 5,000K). Scrape through the white layer of board to access the copper layers. there will be a positive thin copper layer and another one that is negative. You can usually see their profile looking across the board. Pay attention to polarity. LEDs don't work if connected backward. Solder on SMALL wires (maybe about 22AWG) to the copper and solder the other ends to your strips. Don't overheat the copper or it will just burn. Use flux core solder. I would use leaded, as opposed to silver because silver has a higher melting point. Then, with your strips cut to length, stick them to the board, or glue them over old LEDS.

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Thank you, Steve. I appreciate the directions. Let's just say I'm fairly novice when it comes to this but have enough understanding to get myself in trouble. I think I get what you're saying. Find the main power supplied to the LEDs and tap into that for the new LED strip.

One quick follow-up. Do I need to bother severing the power to the old LEDs in this instance? Or just ignore it b/c the new LEDs will basically outshine the old ones?

Thanks again, I'll test it out. I really liked the look of the hardware for a modern'ish looking bathroom. I've just gotten very used to daylight looks so it seems a little easier to replace the LEDs than it did to replace the hardware.


A good answer from Steve and probably much the easiest approach. You do need to sever the old string of LEDs.

But if you're keen to just replace the LED chips the easiest way to remove them would be with a heat gun with a small nozzle to prevent overheating the whole board. Heat up a few chips at a time and flick them off the board as the solder melts. The risk is that if you over-heat or try to pull off a chip before the solder on both ends has melted you may lift the copper track, making it difficult or impossible to fit new LED chips. Before installing the new chips, remove excess solder from the pads using solder wick with a dob of flux on it from a flux pen. Apply flux to the solder pads before soldering each chip.

If that approach fails you can always fall back on Steve's method.


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