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Steering wheel and pedal by ThrustMaster for the Xbox One gaming console.

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Won’t turn left

My wheel on the game turns fine to the right but won’t turn to the left if you could help that would be awesome. it will only turn a bit when turning to the left all the way.

Thrust master 458 Italia racing wheel.

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Have you tried the games settings first of all? steering linearity needs to be at 50?

My wheel is ok for 30 seconds then it uncontrollably turns right-%#*@ unusable and annoying it is, so ive got the top off and a lefthand side bit of plastic holding the main spindle/wheel coloumn has broken off and was rattling about in it so the wheel moves up and down more.

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Hi Daniel, still got one?

I have replaced potentiometer.

Costed….. 0.5 USD, not exactly same but fits. Some tears, blood, sweat, assembled, adjusted, working like a charm. Original potentiometer in the centre of the wheel was a cheap, plastic, nothing has been left from the original circuit, caused that steering has became woobly, and not possible to drive exept in drift mode, finally stopped turning to the one direction.

If you got soldering skills and some tools for cutting plastic (knife can hardly fit) you can do it by yourselves.

10-12 kohm resistance and ability to turn in all directions without limits - this is prerequisite for potentiometer.

Mine got a block preventing turning more, opened it and removed piece of plastic that was a blocker.

Good luck.


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Can you tell me what a potentiometer you mount? Any numbers? Part no.?


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Here we have a replacement potentiometer for Thrustmaster gaming wheels that use the 'Bungee Cord System'

If you have steering faults such as constantly pulling to one side or not responding correctly then this part is for you.

Part Specs:

Number of Gangs: 1

Number of Turns:   1

Type:                      Rotary

Electric taper:         Linear

Shaft diameter:       5 mm  ,

Tolerance:               ±20%

Power Rating:         0.05W

Resistance:             10KOhm

Compatible with:

458 Spider

458 Italia

T80 RS

T80 488 GTB Edition

( )

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