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Flash unit for use with Nikon Cameras

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My flash does not fire, even though it turns on and shows ready

I have a SB600 with new batteries and am using it with Nikon D300s. The flash turns on, shows ready but does not fire. I have tried turning it on/off, turned camera on/off. It just fails to fire.

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Any chance you dropped it or the old batteries "leaked"?


Thanks! No, I never keep batteries inside. And I did not drop it. The test fire button does not work.


Have you tried another flash on the camera, just to rule out the hot shoe? Also it is possible that the actual bulb has burned out.


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try pressing the test fire button or shorting the terminals and it should flash (while not connected to your camera). If it does, then you know your flash works, if not try looking into your camera settings.

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