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The Acer Aspire R11 R3-131T-C1Z511 is an 11 x 6 inch, lightweight (1.5 kg (3.48 lbs) convertible notebook laptop that is part of the R11 series, manufactured by Acer. Colored in light blue or white, the laptop has a standard keyboard, HD touchscreen display, and a large touchpad.

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Tried to Reset, Now stuck in a loop

Hi, A friend gave me their Acer Aspire to reset to factory settings but when they gave it to me they had already attempted to reset it and now it seems to be stuck in a loop between the Acer logo screen (like when it seems ready to log on) but then goes blank, the screen is on there is just nothing on it, and then completely dark and then it begins this cycle again. I can't get the screen to do anything else, I've tried to turn it on and off and also tried pressing the small button on the back of the laptop but nothing seems to be working. I tried to get help for this issue using answerby and the person I chatted with said it sounded like a software malfunction but I wasn't able to pay the fee they were asking for, for me to get the help to fix it. Appreciate any and all help!

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It is indeed a software issue, you just need to install Windows from scratch (your licence will be carried over automatically, con't worry too much about that).

You will need another laptop and a USB thumb-drive or DVD for this. Also, this will wipe all the data from the PC you are trying to fix.

First, have a look at this link from Microsoft, this is where you'll get the Windows 10 Media Creation tool that will let you make the thumb-drive bootable (the section you need is the second one). Follow the steps outlined there. The open the section that describes how to install the new copy of Windows.

If you need more info (or advanced steps), have a look at this link, also from Microsoft.

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